Saturday, March 12, 2016

Day 72 - 12th March 2016 - Mourning Dove, Goldfinches and Wooly Bear

Saturday with stars lighting the sky and dawn arriving. A little nip in the air. Might be a good day for a trip to Cape Sable Island to see if anything is around and some grocery shopping in Barrington. Will take a look at Wilson's too and price up some materials for our renovations. 
Friday wasn't quite the Spring day I had hoped for. Rain, then snow, the sun tried to come out but it was windy and cold. So Lexi and I took a couple of jaunts around the hood without my camera but it was quiet as usual. Birds were at the feeder off and on. I did see one of the Eagles overhead on our way back from our walk, a Grackle made a brief stop in the yard and the Chipmunk returned around supper time. I yearn for the season of Warblers to begin, but know I should never wish time away.

There are lots of Mourning Doves around.

I thought it might be too early for a Wooly Bear Caterpillar.
The Goldfinches like the new feeder we put out last month.
Mixed with Goldfinches, are usually Pine Siskins and Purple Finches. Mostly silhouettes against the sky.

Enjoy your day!

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