Monday, February 29, 2016

Day 60 - 29th February 2016 - Cardinal, Rosehips and Sailboats

It's leap year and the end of the second month. Hard to believe they've passed so quickly. I'm off to town this morning - a few things to do that won't wait til my regular Wednesday. Will also try to get a Dr's appointment for Larry to have his knee re-assessed for work. He'll come in later and we'll watch the boat get launched at noon. Exercise class tonight.
We had a marvelous day, Sunday, even though I didn't get a lot of great shots. Guess I was too busy thinking about eating, eating and then thinking maybe I've eaten too much. Had brunch at Argyle Lodge with family - oh it was so good, then a stop back at Kait and Tyler's to check out their place. Good birding spot. Finished up grocery shopping at No Frills in Barrington.
I spent a 1/2 hour in Mom and Dad's driveway yesterday morning trying to convince this Cardinal to come out of the bushes. Well his Missus appeared and he finally flew up on the neighbour's roof.
An old bicycle wheel on our travels.
Sailboats at Argyle waiting for Spring.
Rosehips in the garden.
And you can always find a Chickadee if nothing else.

Enjoy your day!

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