Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Day 47 - 16th February 2016 - Snow and Goldfinches

It was still pretty chilly yesterday but not as bad as the last few days, warmer temperatures on the way. A little snow overnight but now there is a rain fall warning in effect for later today. Our weather is seriously weird. The one thing we can't do anything about is the weather so I guess we just wait for it to change again. Got my first round of paper work done yesterday, one more time to go and that project will be done. Thinking by the end of the week. Lexi did our roam around the hood a couple of times, kept an eye on the feeders for something different but no luck. Exercise class last night.

Just a few funky snow pics.
Goldfinch waiting for the feeder.
And they found the new feeder, although one Goldfinch was a little cranky.

Enjoy your day!

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