Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Day 54 - 23rd February 2016 - Pine Siskins, Sharp-shinned Hawk and Chipping Sparrows

Each day the weather gets better - a little chilly Monday but the sun warmed  you quickly when you stood in it's rays. Whatever bad weather comes now will be short lived - the lake is running freely with just ice in the coves.  The Canada Geese flew over yesterday and had breakfast at Myrna's, later I heard them going back up the lake. Beautiful full moon and starlight night, of course it still is this morning but I'm up way earlier than any normal person should be. It's going to be a very long day.
 I was talking on the phone and taking pics of the Pine Siskins and Goldfinches at the feeder when.....
 all of a sudden they were gone and this handsome fellow appeared. He posed while I took photos and we looked at one another through the kitchen window.  Sharp-Shinned Hawk.
Then he slowly turned around and flew into the Honeysuckle bush.

 The Chipping Sparrow rarely misses a day.

 Blue water and not much ice.

Enjoy your ay!

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