Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Day 48 - 17th February 2016 - Daphne, Fungi and an Oak Leaf

Looks like most of the wind and rain is over. They are still giving a little more for this morning but not a lot and then it should clear. Wednesday and my town day, hoping to accomplish a lot but still have a quiet day. Will catch up with the girls at the Beandock and get some errands done. 
Well Tuesday sure got milder - plenty warm, snow and ice melted quickly. I puttered around, did some more paper work, made a big pot of Turkey soup and went off to a supper meeting last evening. Seems I don't have terribly interesting days lately. But sometimes that's ok.
Snow and ice were beginning to melt on this old log.
Tree fungi.
Always amazes me how a few Oak leaves can hang on after the wind, snow and rain we've had over the last few months.
A sign of spring - the Daphne is beginning to bud up.

Enjoy your day!

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