Monday, February 8, 2016

Day 39 - 8th February 2016 - Common Goldeneye, Iceland Gull and a Turkey Vulture

Monday morning - up way too early once again. Storm on it's way - the big red weather warning bar is across the weather sites - "Blizzard Warning".  Starting the week with a bang by the sounds of things. The birds should be busy at the feeders and if it doesn't start too early Big B. and I will get out for a jaunt. Lots of computer work to do (if the internet holds) and things around the house.
We had a good outing to Yarmouth, nothing special in the bird world but did see some birders! The back road may not have been our best choice to go up on, as it appears once you left Shelburne County, there was no salt on the road and I held my breath for a while. It was well worth the trip to go shopping, should really think about doing it more often - perhaps once/month or every 6 weeks. A savings of $60. or more on groceries. Even with gas figured it we still came out ahead and for the next few  weeks I'll only need the bare necessities - milk, eggs, etc. Competition is good in grocery departments.  Larry used his Christmas Gift Cards from Canadian Tire on a new drill. I picked up a slow cooker in hopes it will be helpful for meal planning when I go back to work - although I'll play around with it some now to see what fabulous healthy dishes I can create.  We stopped to Dennis Point on the way home for some lunch/supper - not really where Larry should be eating but I was seriously craving good clams and chips which they have.
 Bird's nest at Bear Brook. We always stop there on the way to Yarmouth but I never noticed this until today.
 Common Goldeneye - Yarmouth waterfront.
 Turkey Vulture - Pubnico.
 Iceland Gull - Dennis Point

and lots of other Gulls.

Enjoy your day!

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