Sunday, February 7, 2016

Day 38 - 7th February 2016 - Junco, White Throated Sparrow and Chipping Sparrow

Well we postponed going to Yarmouth. Roads were kind of icy first thing in the morning and it's suppose to be warmer today so we'll make the trek. Periodically it's nice to escape even for a few hours to do some much needed shopping and of course maybe we'll find some birds on our travels. Never know what might be out there. So Saturday was a day to putter around the house, made a quick trip to town but other than that nothing exciting.  Got as far as Lois' to check out her feeders but their dirt road was a sheet of ice and rather treacherous for walking. Her feeders held nothing more exciting than mine. The lakes have quite a wide swath of open water now, seems strange so early in the winter.
Junco - maybe a female as it appears much lighter in color than several of the others.
A White-Throated Sparrow arrived, probably the same one I've watched at Lois' these last few months. He's happy to hang out around the Christmas tree.
And the Chipping Sparrow.
Ice has gathered in the ditches again.
Cranberries frozen in place.
The thin ice that gathers around twigs, sticks and leaves always has pretty patterns.

Enjoy your day!

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