Thursday, February 18, 2016

Day 49 - 18th February 2016 - Sun, Chipping Sparrow and Purple Finch

Thursday - I've got lots to do at home but should be a decent day so will get some roaming in too. Although I don't see much these days. Little chilly out there this morning with frost glistening on the deck and grass in the moon light.
Another busy Wednesday in town. Highlights - lunch at the Beandock and new walking/birding sneakers from Gosbee's Sporting Goods. Beautiful evening on the deck - moon was out, stars were shining and no wind. Maybe spring is in the air. An Owl was hooting up on the hill - maybe two but it echoed around the lake so hard to tell. The days are getting longer which is nice, now if daylight would just come a little earlier in the mornings.
The Phlox seed pods are empty now, time to cut them down and wait for new growth. I leave them into the winter for the birds.
The sun has more strength each day it shines.
The Chipping Sparrow has made this his winter home.
And the Purple Finches with their bright raspberry coloring are welcome, adding a bright spot to the feeders.

Enjoy your day!

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