Thursday, February 11, 2016

Day 42 - 11th February 2016 - Purple Finches, Junco and Ice Droplets

Stars are all twinkling in the sky and we've had a little snow overnight - just a little.  Another day in the hood - guess I'll do a bit of roaming, work on some projects and some housework. Never dull, but never really interesting. Maybe something will pop into the feeders.
Fairly good day in town. The morning flew by with lots accomplished, not so much in the afternoon, but that's the way it rolls sometimes. Didn't end up taking Big B. it was spitting snow when we left home so I thought why bother. I gave away all the Valentine Cupcakes I had made on Tuesday. None left in the house to tempt us later.
 She's having a bad hair day! Purple Finches.
 Junco - one of the darker ones in the yard.
Ice forms on the stems of reeds along the shore.

Enjoy your day!

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