Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Day 55 - 24th February 2016 - Surf, Gull and Daffodils

Normally Wednesday is my town day, but not this week.Better sleep (longer) last night - I'll be ready to take on the day after my coffee. Dear hubby hurt his knee Monday afternoon so we spend part of Tuesday morning at Outpatients. We missed the open hours on Monday so rather than go to Liverpool or Yarmouth and sit most of the night we opted to stay home and hopefully get some rest. Didn't really work well I was up at 3:15am. Anyway, happy to report that it wasn't broken (our greatest fear) but pulled ligaments and some soft tissue so he's home with me this week while I wait on him hand and foot and he stays off of it. One day of  "can you, would you" and I'm exhausted. Oh well, I'm grateful and thankful it wasn't any worse. Needless to say not a lot of time with Big B. Although there were lots of the regular birds in and out of the feeders.
Lots of surf at Baccaro the other day.
Herring Gull.
I love the looked of dried flowers.
Each day the Daffodils are growing.

Enjoy your day!

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