Monday, February 1, 2016

Days 30, 31 and 32 - 30th January - 1st February 2016 - Snow, Ice, Red-Winged Blackbird, Loon and a Gull

Guess I missed the end of January and have jumped right into the first of February. That snow we had on Friday wiped out our internet for a few days. Actually it was like a mini-vacation - a few times I would have liked to catch up on things, see what birds were being found locally but other than that I enjoyed being drama free for a couple of days. Our satellite box got zinged in a power blip/surge Friday evening - still works but continually acts like it can't find a signal. That should be fixed up later this week when the new one arrives. Other than that - nothing terribly exciting, weather and roads cleared up Saturday so we did a quick trip to town for groceries. Sunday we headed off to Cape Sable Island to see what birds were around. I did find the Tufted Duck but didn't get a decent photo - but identifiable enough after cropping to add to my list. Here we are back to Monday - a foggy morning and looks like it's going to be mostly a mild week. Easy on the wood pile!
Saturday all the trees glistened like glass in the sunshine.
Trees were coated in snow.
A Red-Winged Blackbird in a friend's yard.
West McKay Lake just before supper time.
Loon at Cripple Creek Wharf on Cape Sable Island.

Herring Gull hanging out at the Wharf in Daniel's Head.
A very scruffy looking Eagle.

Enjoy your day!

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