Friday, February 5, 2016

Day 36 - 5th January 2016 - Downy Woodpecker, Song Sparrow and White-breasted Nuthatch

Rain, rain go away... I don't think we want you back for a while! But it's going to rain most of today as well, then change over to ice pellets and snow later. Hope that doesn't start until tonight. Lexi and I made a few rounds yesterday, I picked times when it wasn't raining to hard and we managed a good morning walk with a shorter afternoon one. Even though she's getting a bit older she still needs a good run sometime during the day. Birds were scarce in the yard, guess the mild weather means they find food elsewhere.
Grandmother's Journal:
 5 February 1977: Bob, Bobbie, Mike and Tom to MC. No tracks, really too much snow. Overcast all day. Game Wardens checking ski doos today. Good to put a stop to them on the road. Lost our puppy tonight. She seemed so much better yesterday. Suppose to storm tonight. Feel so upset over the puppy. I did try so hard to save her. I walked down street. 
7 February 1977: Bob and Tom to MC at 5:30 am. Got a cat today. Overcast no wind. I walked to work, walking awful but weather nice. Walked home this afternoon. Still nice out not too cold. Kim back up this afternoon for the night.  
Downy Woodpecker
If you can't find anything else, usually a Chickadee will appear.
Song Sparrow.
White-breasted Nuthatch.

Enjoy your day!

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