Friday, February 26, 2016

Day 57 - 26th February 2016 - Pine Siskins, Blue Jays and Goldfinch

Hard to believe it's near the end of February and we had a day with no fire in the furnace - it was just to warm. Gotta love it! Thursday was plenty mild, but rainy and windy all day, not like you could get out and do anything. I think we are both getting a little shack wacky. Larry's getting more mobile each day, thank goodness, but still not bearing full weight. The one thing he's learned is that yes exercise is important with his diabetes. His sugars has been up some with this lack of activity. Nothing serious but not where it should be. I experimented with a healthier pizza yesterday afternoon. Made a whole wheat crust instead of my normal white crust, homemade sauce, chicken, spinach, ground lean pork, broccoli, onions and light cheese. It was a hit and we've got leftovers for tonight. Birds were in and out of the feeders - not as many as usual unless you count the BlueJays. Not quite as mild this morning, but still not bad for "winter". The lake is all open and ducks are around. Hoping to get out this morning for a roam.
It was wet bird day - Pine Siskins.

A day to take pics through the kitchen window - BlueJays.
More Blue Jays

Enjoy your day!

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