Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 181 - 30th June 2015 - Daisy, Wild Strawberries, Song Sparrow and Red Leaves

Overcast this morning but I can hear the birds singing.  No walk for me, I'm going in early with Larry. Maybe I'll get a quick jaunt around town and find something of interest. I need to spend some quality time training our summer student, last week he just got thrown into things because I was busy. However, he seems to be a quick study and catching on.
Well Mondays aren't such a bad day lately. Seems they are getting better. Started off pretty drizzly and foggy - not great for pics through dark bushes and under alders. Got the cover done for the book with a little help from a friend. Sometimes I get smart and just call someone who is actually good at something instead of trying to muddle through myself. Felt pleased with myself at the end of the day - progress is being made. Exercise class last night - one of those sneaky workouts - bound to hurt tomorrow.
Daisy wet with rain.
If you look close beneath the tree trunk, you'll see mother Mallard and her babies.
Wild Strawberries are ripening.

Little red globes beneath the leaves.
Lots of Song Sparrows.
Red leaves - oh we aren't ready for those yet!

Enjoy your day!

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