Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 152 - 1 June 2015 - Yellow Warbler, Yellow Tulip and Tree Swallow

Welcome June, bring on the sunny long days of summer. Except it's raining this morning and suppose to tomorrow as well. The lake is dropping and so maybe a day or two of rain isn't a bad thing. Feeling better this morning after an early night and an extra hour of sleep. Wish I could kick this head cold though. Lots to do this week, so I really need to be on my game.
Busy Sunday - cooked all morning for a bridal shower and larry's lunches. After the lack of sleep Saturday night I was really dragging myself along. We had a good afternoon at the shower - lots of laughs, too much good food with friends and family. Rain came as I was on my way home. No time for birding though. Didn't even get out for a walk.
Not a great shot but I like the way this Yellow Warbler is perched on top of this apple tree.
Female American Goldfinch.

A little foam along the river branch.

She's very curious, but seems to be quite content with her new house. I can sit on the deck with out disturbing her and take photos.
Bright yellow Tulip, with the Solomon Seal blooming behind.

Enjoy your day!

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