Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 173 - 22nd June 2015 - Lettuce, Peas, Beets and Queen Anne's Lace

Back to Monday a little drizzle out there this morning. Hermit Thrushes are singing. Looks like it might clear and the sun come out later. Summer student starts work today, so have some training to do with him.  Going to be a busy week, trying to finish off the book before the end of the week and I still haven't thought about a cover yet. At least I feel like I can get it done now, which means I'll soon have some time back to myself again. Rah!
Sunday was the summer solstice - the longest day of the year and the official first day of summer. Well it rained and was rather chilly, but the dampness does that anyway. So not such a great way to celebrate the new season. Visited Dad in the morning and did the grocery shopping. The rain gave me a good excuse to work on the book, get the lunch box meals done for the week and curl up and read  later in the evening.
The first of our garden is ready - the lettuce - red and green.
Larry will be enjoying it in his lunchbox this week.
Part of what we call our kitchen garden - just some raised beds in the yard. The bulk of our vegetables are planted up the road in the community garden.
The peas we grow along the outside of the deck railing.
Beets, Swiss Chard and Sunflowers (compliments of the birds).  We have a few tomatoes at home, cucumbers and peppers are in the greenhouse.
Queen Anne's Lace - another one of those pretty weeds.

Enjoy your day!

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