Monday, June 8, 2015

Day 159 - 8th June 2015 - Northern Harrier, American Redstart, Alder Flycatcher and Great Blue Heron

Starting the week off with a beautiful morning. Temperature is +5 and a work day. The weekends fly by. Lots to do this week, researchers coming, book to get finished up and whatever else life throws at me. Might as well take some of this stuff in stride, no use in worrying about the little things you can do nothing about.
It was a beautiful day, I almost considered staying home, but then thought, it would be a number of weeks before I could get away again so off we went. Of course we birded along the way and part of the trip home. There is one spot on the back road I always love to stop, today was no exception. It was alive with birds. Both Tree and Barn Swallows, an Alder Flycatcher, American Redstart, Norther Harrier plus a number of other Warblers that were moving quickly or that I could just hear and not see. Got our errands done in Yarmouth - almost all of what I wanted then took part of the old highway home with a few detours. A first for us - Pinkney's Point - pretty spot and a really winding road. We poked along a few places then hit the 103 highway at Belleville for home.
 Northern Harrier - female I think. She was great to watch.
She was hunting.
 Alder Flycatcher - I was able to confirm ID by his song.

Barn Swallows were dipping and diving along the water catching flies.

American Redstart.
 Great Blue Heron, it was fun to watching him catching his lunch.

At Melbourne Marsh, Canada Geese - both parents were there and if you look closely you'll see three little ones.

Enjoy your day!

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