Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 161- 10th June 2015 - Bunchberry, Moon, Robin and Least Flycatcher

Raining hard this morning, should break later. So that will give me an opportunity to do some laundry, housework etc. before  it clears and I get out to roam the hood. Have some photos I need to frame up so it may be a good morning for that as well. Mosquitoes will be nasty after this but it will dampen the woods once again and help with the risk of forest fires. Always a worry in the summer months.
Not a bad day Tuesday, weather remained good, no rain during the day. Nice breeze although just a little cloud cover. I accomplished a few things at work, researchers in but otherwise a quiet day. No major upsets so that's a good thing. There's a spot in town that I want to check out for some birding, I've seen Yellow Warblers there and Cardinals. Think Friday morning when I go in early with Larry, I'l wander there. I've warned the business owner not to be alarmed if they get reports of a crazy woman with a big camera.
The Bunchberry flowers are in bloom, later they will be red berries to brighten the forest floor.
The moon sits high in the sky these days.
Webs are such interesting creations - very fine threads all spun together.
Robins are always on my walk.
A couple of bad shots of a Least Flycatcher. Either there were two of them or one that followed me as I found them in different spots along my morning route.

Once again I was able to recognize him by his song as he and the Alder Flycatcher look so much alike.  I'm learning.

Enjoy your day!

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