Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day 174 - 23rd June 2015 - Cow Vetch Swallows and Mallards

Little overcast out there this morning, but should turn out to be a good day. Rain forecast for this evening and overnight. Today will probably be a repeat of yesterday but I'm seeing the end in sight. Then I can get back to playing catch up with everything else I've put on the back burner for the last month. Hoping by the weekend I can actually call it my own and maybe have a beach day.
It was one of the better Mondays I've had in a long time. Summer student got started, felt bad as I couldn't spend as much time with him as I would like to have - book to finish! Over the next few days he'll get the hang of it. Nice guy and I think he'll be a good fit for our office. Made good headway with the editing and layout.  Quiet walk yesterday morning - wish those Warblers would pop out more instead of hiding in the swamps.
Vicia cracca or Cow Vetch - one of those invasive pretty weeds.

I watched the Swallows dipping and diving for flies over a cove in the lake. They move so fast it's hard to get a good shot. Seems to be more Tree Swallows around this year.
I can see one little yellow water lily appearing.
Everything was dripping from the rain including this Hosta.
The boys were having breakfast.

Blackberries are in bloom. Fruit will soon be formed.

Enjoy your day!

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