Saturday, June 6, 2015

Day 157 - 6th June 2015 - Reflections, Lady Slippers, Dandelions and Ducklings

It's raining! Truly sucks, since it's the day of the town wide yardsale and I'm thinking some of it will be rained out. And my cousin's wedding is this afternoon, it's inside but they were hoping for outside photos. They say it's lucky if it rains on your wedding day, maybe it will clear by photo time. Fingers crossed.
Seems we've acquired a female Mallard in the yard. She appeared Friday morning and again after supper. Very content to roaming around and feed on leftover seeds and whatever else she can find. She doesn't seemed disturbed by anything. We live between two lakes but don't as a rule have the waterfowl in the yard. Maybe she's seeking some peace and quiet. There is one female that isn't nesting and the 10-12 males around don't want to give her a break. Good day at work, accomplished a few more things.
First morning in a week the sun was actually out on my walk - it was a beautiful morning for reflections. But look at the pollen!
The clouds were reflecting in the sky, like looking through the them.
The Lady Slippers are in bloom once again.
A little morning light streams in on this stand.
Dandelions in the morning - gone to seed - but I think they are more interesting.
They are pretty cool.
In front of Myrna's at the end of my walk yesterday morning, I spied the first of the baby ducks. She says there's been 2 batches the last couple of days.

Enjoy your day!

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