Thursday, June 4, 2015

Day 155 - 4th June 2015 - Lupins, Canada Mayflower, Cedar Waxwings and Northen Parula

Temperature is +7 this morning. Should be a nice day, although the temperature is only suppose to go to +14. If the sun makes an appearance it will warm up. Hoping for a good day - want to continue along with where I left off on Tuesday. Need to get some books, etc. put together for the girls who'll be working our table at the Lobster Fest Expo this weekend. Another fundraiser. Things are beginning to roll along and I'm getting a better handle on the work load, although it doesn't seem like it's lessening any.
Well the weather was a big disappointment on Wednesday, it didn't get above +11, was rather grey and overcast. I made the mistake of starting off the day in shorts for my morning jaunt, when I got back I quickly changed to something much warmer. I didn't find many birds - Cedar Waxwings, Northern Parulas, Hermit Thursh, Loon and male Mallards. The wild flowers are popping up in leaps and bounds, seems every few days there is something new in bloom. Everything is green and lush after the rain. I sat on the deck last evening listening to the Owl up at the head of the lake and the Hermit Thrush along side of the yard.

Lupins are almost in bloom.
More ferns are opening up.

Lilacs, too. The sweet smell is strong as you walk by them.
Lily of the Valley - they are from Lois' garden.
Canada Mayflower is now blooming throughout the woods, along with Star flower, Bunchberry and a few Lady Slippers.
The Cedar Waxwings are enjoying the apple blossoms.

The Northern Parula, singing.

Enjoy your day!

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