Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 162 - 11th June 2015 - Least Flycatcher, Lupins, Baby Mallards and Buttercups

Sunshine this morning - promises of another beautiful day. I'll be at work, no roaming the hood for me, but I've got lots to do there. The next few days should be better than the week started off. Might even make it to exercise class tonight.
The rain stopped, the fog lifted and the sun came out yesterday. Turned into a fabulous day. I spent a fair amount of time stalking the Least Flycatcher and was finally rewarded with a couple of decent shots, albeit cropped. Heard more birds - although the Red-Eyed Vireos refuse to come down from the high branches.
Least Flycatcher. He does a long of singing, saw them both in the same places as Tuesday.

Dipped in raindrops, most of the Lupins are almost in bloom.

 The Hermit Thrush - my favourite song bird - the last song I hear at night and the first in the morning.
 Another family have arrived - cute as a button, minding their Mom.
 And then they were off - 10 little ones.
Last week our yard was a field of dandelions, this week - buttercups.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Love, love, love the little ones. So darn cute. :)