Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 168 - 17th June 2015 - Twin Flowers, Irises, Dragonfly and Butterfly

Dawn comes earlier each morning, soon we'll be at the longest day of the year. The birds are all singing this morning and the rain has stopped. Another nice day on he horizon and I'm home to enjoy it. Lots to do - some housework, work on the book for a few hours, roaming the hood and cooking meals for the rest of the week. Guess it's a good thing I get an early start.  Feeling better - up early but had an early night to catch up on my sleep. My wrist/hand is still giving me some problems this morning, hopefully it sorts it's self out soon. No time for that! The internet is wonky this morning.
The rain arrived after lunch yesterday and continued all evening. Had a decent day at work, fairly quiet with only a few researchers in so I could make some headway on things. Arrived home to no power, so supper became whatever could get cooked on our butane burner. It returned around 6:30 - trees on the line they said. An early night for me to catch up on my sleep.
Twin Flowers - my favourite wild flowers, so small but a lovely scent.
More Irises.

Robins are everywhere.

Not sure what kind of a Butterfly this is, but he`s rather pretty with those dark colors and markings.
Dragonflies are zipping around - they move faster than the birds do.
This guy isn`t very happy looking.

Enjoy your day!

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