Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 163 - 12th June 2015 - Lupins, Least Flycatcher, Northern Parula, Dandelions and Grandmother's Journal

Friday has arrived once again. Looks like it''s going to be a nice day, temperature is +10 and the sun is coming through the trees this morning. Last day of the work week. Hoping for a couple of hours I can work on the book. Need some quite time to make any really headway.  I'm heading in with Larry this morning, going to take this opportunity of being early to check out a patch in town for birds.
Another rough day, I'm going to be glad to have this week over with. Mostly because I can't seem to make any headway with what I need to get done. Maybe I can snag  a little time on the weekend to play catch up from home. Have had a busy week with researchers from various parts of the US. - nice to see so many different people travelling and coming specifically to do genealogy. Exercise class last night - was good to get there.
Grandmother's Journal: 
11 June 1976: Lovely drive to town this morning. No game. I drove home early tonight very tired, worked until 1 o'clock. Overcast, cool tonight. Warm days, last 3 real warm. Busy in the store every day. Very dry. River going down fast. Woods closed to all travel. Audrey MacVeigh's house rented. 
12 June 1976: Overcast, some light showers not enough to do any good. Just miserable. Took Tom to have stitiches out. Vet pleased with his leg. He's looking good, got the weight back now. Mother, Ruth were with me. Nice day. Not much time to shop. Had good dinner at Tasty Harris lunch room. Lobster $4.00 and very excellent coffee. Got home, took Bob to Dr. - got cough medicine and xray 10 o'clock on Monday. Mike here.
Roadside Lupins in the morning light.
 The Least Flycatcher, I think he waits for me now every morning - sings his little heart out for me.
 Northern Parula caught breakfast.
 The dandelions are interesting when they've gone to seed.
 Light and fluffy contrast with the roughness of the rope.
Wild strawberry leaves and blossoms dipped in morning dew.

Enjoy your day!

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