Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 169 - 18th June 2015 - Song Sparrow, Bunch Berries, Irises and Chestnut sided Warbler

A beautiful morning - temperature is +9. I've missed the early song birds this morning, my choir was crows when I went out on the deck. Still nice to hear something. I'm working from home today, need peace and quiet with no distractions to get this book done. Hopefully I can say at the end of today, it's almost done but the indexing. That's going to take another whole day at least and my time is flying by. I might manage to take a quick jaunt around the hood this morning just to check things out.
Nice day off, even though I did spend the afternoon doing office work. Good roam around the hood in the morning, then some light housework. I'm sure there are Red-eyed Vireos in the top of every oak and maple tree on my walk. They seem to be everywhere.
Bunch Berries in the morning light.

There were a pair of Song Sparrows foraging along the shoreline and bushes.

Some of the Lady Slippers are beginning to fade, their turn is almost over.
Red-Eyed Vireo, wish they would come a little closer/lower.
Mama and 3 of her babies, the other 4 were at the end of the dock. They seemed to ignore the turtle.
Cooling off in the mud puddle. 

My Irises have finally decided to bloom, dipped in rain droplets, they soon dried off in the sun.
Chestnut-sided Warbler. Not a great shot, but I had Lexi on her leash and was trying to juggle, focus Big B. - not always a good combination.

Enjoy your day!

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