Friday, June 26, 2015

Day 177 - 26th June 2015 - Pink Clover, Yellow Warbler, Tree Swallow and Apples

It's Friday! Daylight is breaking through, looks like another nice day on the horizon - chance of showers tonight. Looking forward to the weekend and maybe an opportunity to get to a beach somewhere. Today I've got to play catch up at the office - a few things that have been sitting on the shelf waiting for me this week.
I think I've got it done - long day at the computer yesterday and the top of my hand was swelling up by supper time. Have a couple of photos to add at the office (forgot to put them on my flash drive Tuesday before leaving). That was mostly my day, I did get Lexi out for a run a couple times and it was good to stretch my legs as well.

The pink clover is pretty.

The Northern Parula wasn't so co-operative yesterday.
The Yellow Warbler was hoping from tree to tree singing.
The ferns are gorgeous now.
Lexi was chilling on a neighbour's dock.
The apples are growing - looks like it might be a good year for them.
We are really enjoying the Tree Swallows.

Enjoy your day!

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