Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 165 - 14th June 2015 - Lady Slipper, Red-Eyed Vireo, Swamp Sparrow, Daisies and a Turtle

Happy Father's Day. Looks like another sunny day. It's quiet in the yard, Blue Jay, can hear Woodpeckers and a Mourning Dove. Think we'll capture a few hours of birding this morning. Later we'll go in and see Dad. Good day to do some more work around the yard, Larry will no doubt spend a couple of hours in the wood pile.
We had quite a little thunder and lightening storm early yesterday morning. Lexi thought we should both be in the same room so she roasted Larry out of bed sooner than he liked, we got breakfast and I had an early start to my cooking/cleaning etc.  By the time the sun had come out I was ready for a roam around the hood. Saw a pair of Red-Eyed Vireos in the yard, last year they nested next to the neighbour's driveway, so assume they are some where handy doing the same this year.  Larry worked for a bit in the wood pile then it was time to deliver food and have Lobster Dinner in Upper Clyde. It was an awesome meal, got to visit with great friends and did a little birding. Birds were not really co-operative though. Lots of Yellow Warblers, a very chatty pair of Swamp Warblers, Swallows, Common Yellow Throat, Cedar Waxwing and a Turtle.

Lady Slippers after the rain.

This was how I caught most birds yesterday - Red-Eyed Vireo.
Some kind of a perennial - from the geranium family I think.
Canada Mayflower - a little flower casting shadows.
Couldn't get a good shot of a pair of Swamp Sparrows, they were darting around too quickly.
Daisies are beginning to bloom.
Finally a turtle!

Enjoy your day!

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