Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 164 - 13th June 2015 - Northern Parula, Ferns, Hermit Thrush and Ducks

I can hear a few rumbles of thunder, Lexi has headed back upstairs with Larry to bed. She's not a fan. Rained overnight, more to come, then clearing late this morning. Prom night for the local high school graduates, fine weather is always nicer when the young people are dressed in their finery. I've got to spend a couple of hours in the kitchen this morning - pasta salad to take to the Lobster Supper in Upper Clyde later today and a dessert for another fundraising organization tomorrow. We love going to the annual Lobster Supper - it's a great meal and raises money for the Community Hall there which originally was one of those little country school houses. While I'm at it I'll do Larry's lunchbox cooking while I'm in the mode. That's the end of my volunteer cooking/baking this summer.
Friday ended the week better than it started. The morning birding in town was a bust, heard a few, saw nothing. Maybe that patch are late risers. Usually I see activity there about 10:30 am or lunch time. I'll try another day.  Never one to give up. Grocery shopping after work. Larry mowed the lawn after supper, I puttered around inside.
Northern Parula - boy those little guys move fast.
A neighbour's sign - says it all.
The guys are all hanging out together.
Love the ferns, so light and feathery.
Terrible shot but another batch of young ones. I think there are four families now.
The Hermit Thrust was searching for breakfast.

Enjoy your day!

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