Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 179 - 28th June 2015 - Song Sparrow, Catbird, Yarrow and Ducklings

Sunday and rain on the way. Hopefully it holds off for a while and I get a chance to get out for a jaunt. Seems it has rained every Sunday this month. It's been nice to have a weekend without doing office work. Will spend an hour or so in the kitchen doing lunch box cooking later, then a little housework. I should work on some greeting cards today and maybe curl up and read later if it's not fit to be outside.
It was a beautiful day but alas I didn't get to the beach birding. Larry got sawdust or something in his eye on Thursday, went to Out Patients Friday and got it flushed out and drops. Saturday morning it still wasn't feeling great so we hung close to home mostly. Figured that the beach may not be the best place for him - blowing sand would only add more problems. At least by supper time it was looking and feeling better. He was feeling restless by then. I roamed around the hood some and we did make a quick run in town to pick up groceries and do a few errands.
Lots of Song Sparrows around.
Grey Catbird. What a voice these guys have.
Yarrow, Dandelions and Pink Clover.
Dragonfly. The lake is covered in pollen.
A beautiful, peaceful day.
This frog was hiding out in the reeds.
The ducklings are growing and getting cuter. I can tell they are a worry to their Moms as they become more independent.

Enjoy your day!

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