Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Day 154 - 3rd June 2015 - Tree Swallow, Willet and a Spider

Wednesday, my day off and fine weather on the horizon. I can hear the peepers this morning and an Owl hooting from up the lake. Yes... a tramp or two around the hood is on my agenda for today with Big B. Best put on lots of fly dope. After all the rain we've had, the black flies and mosquitoes will be wicked! It will feel good to get out again - check to see what new wild plants have emerged in the forest and chase some Warblers through the woods. Better remember to do a little housework too - that gets shoved way down on the list of things to do when the weather turns fine.
Not a bad day at work, Tuesday. Had a few researchers in, made some headway putting the book together. Four chapters in one document and a few photographs inserted. If I can have another couple of semi-quiet days I can be at the point I need to be. Maybe Thursday and Friday will be kind to me. June is going to fly by and we are launching this mid July. It will happen.
Nice to have Tree Swallows in the yard again.
A stand of Cat Tails left from another season.
A better day of weather at the beach - Willet feeding along the shore.
Please pay attention to the Plover signs.
Piping Plover, can't wait to see the chicks running the beaches.
I took this photo at Lois' one day - they grown big spiders in their yard.

Enjoy your day!

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