Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 32, 1st February 2012 - Varmits and Fog

Milder this morning, the temperature is -1.0.  It's Wednesday again and the start of a new month. I'm off to town for a day of volunteer work. It's snowed some during the night and they are expecting snow and rain today, so hopefully it will not be messy and the roads bad. Lexi and Larry are up early again this morning, this really cuts into my "quiet" time.

Freddie - 9 March 2010
 When they came back in from her morning run around the yard, he tells me there are tracks all around the house, yard and in her pen in the back, small tracks like a mink or a weasel! This reminds me of "Freddie" who came to visit a few years ago. I love wildlife outside but not in the house. Freddie spent about 2 weeks in and out of the house nearly driving me crazy. She was a weasel, cute as could be - and seemed to have no fear of us or Lexi. One night, when Larry was out, I was watching tv in the living room, Lexi was sleeping in the laundry room and Freddie was running around in the kitchen! We finally borrowed a live trap, caught her and let her go far from our house. A week later her sister arrived, but we were able to catch her within a day or two and return her to the wild. On the + side, we had no mice around that year. Larry assures me that there is no where they can get in, but I've heard that before, ummmmmmmmm old houses! This was all really funny in hind sight but not at the time.

Overall a good day in town. Had my yummy scallop bacon wrap at the Bean Dock for lunch, cleaned up some things around the centre and managed to find some info for my report.

The fog is as thick as pea soup on the water front today. Not sure if it's the fog or the mild temperatures but the snow from last night seems to have disappeared.

Donna's pigeons on the roof of the Barrell Factory. Not my favourite bird at all!

By 3pm the fog has cleared and it looks pretty good out there. Must finish up a few things and before you know it I'll be heading home again. Enjoy the rest of the day!


  1. Freddie!! lol love the name, am I to assume after Freddie Kruegger lol. A wierd day indeed. It is mild yet the dampness is bone chilling! Glad you enjoyed your lunch at the Bean Dock one of these days give me some notice and I sneak away and join ya. Been doing a little research on my own on my maternal grandmother and wow, interesting details. Apparently there is a cousin who is doing research in the states and contacted Mom so I should wait a while and let her do all of the work :)

    1. Do your own work, you will both have a different view of things! Will let you know some day about lunch!