Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 50 - 19th February 2012 - Wharfs, Waves and Wind

Beautiful day even though the temperature is -1.0. Today I'm going to use few words - I know sometimes you need a break from my constant chatter. Yesterday afternoon Larry and I went on a little beach adventure - there are pros and cons to the beach in February - very few people (none) but colder than July so dress for the occasion!

First stop Gunning Cove wharf. Lots of boats tied up.

And gulls of course.

Then we motored along and found another side road in Carleton Village and walked along the beach.
Looking across the harbour at Sandy Point.

An old dilapidated building near the beach, would have once been someones home, but being empty for many years the elements have taken their toll.

Next we stopped at Crane's Point. I think there may have been a wharf here at one time. Both of us remember Crane's Point as a favourite spot for digging clams years ago.

Next we went to Roseway Beach - the road was really mucky and full of potholes. The tide was coming in so I took lots of photos of the surf.

We went to Roseway beach as children and played in the cold ocean water.

I think this is what the refer to as the sun drawing water, Larry tells me it's just the sun rays through a cloud.

I always like a few solitary trees along the beach.

Finally we left Roseway and drove to Ingomar, where we caught the sun setting at the Wharf.

And so our afternoon ended and we headed off to supper, and an enjoyable evening.


  1. Nice photos!!! The old home looks so lonely and sad,it probably had lots of memories in those old walls :)

    1. Welcome back! I agree, I bet there were lots of memories there! It was a great afternoon.