Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 41 - 10th February 2012 - The Birds are Spring Cleaning

It's cold out there this morning with a temperature of -8.1.  And we've made it to another Friday. I've been  looking at three different weather sites on line and I can't seem to get two of them to agree on what the weather will be this weekend. I am hearing rumblings of a snow storm, but will remain in a state of denial as we have the dinner on Sunday at our hall.  One map I looked at seemed like the snow was going up the Bay of Fundy, so thinking rain for this side of the province? Usually I don't mind one snowstorm/winter, but this weekend - no thanks!

It is a beautiful day +6.9. Got the shopping all done, stopped and got some paint swatches, counter top swatches and tile samples. Hopefully over the weekend I'll find a bit of time to figure it all out. Am closing in on colors, etc.

Went for a roam around the neighbourhood, tea with Lois on the deck. Lots of spring like signs -

Some beautiful big fluffly clouds drifting around in the sky.

A quiet country road with ripples of light through the trees.

Reflections of trees in a melting puddle of ice.

We watched this pair of nut hatches doing their spring cleaning this afternoon.

They were cute to watch, unfortunately it was hard to get great photos as they are on the dark side of the tree.

Enjoy the rest of your day! Hope you get a chance to see the sun.

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  1. Sounds like you had a good day. We are all tired out late departure from Halifax and late getting into Orlando. We are settled in Kissimmee and none of us care to do much of anything right now!! lol I am sure that will change. If it makes you feel any better we had torrential rain when we first got here but the sun is out and it is little warmer than 6.8 I am not going to tell you how hot :) Love the photos especially the melting puddle.