Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 36 - 5th February 2012 - Sunday School and Superbowl

Another cold morning, temperature is -9.7. Larry and Lexi are both up early this morning with me, couldn't convince her to stay in bed which means she doesn't think Larry should stay there either. The fire had gone out in the furnace overnight, so he clean out some ashes and rebuilt it.

The sanding in the kitchen has come to an end, thank goodness that part of the job is finished. I'm somewhat amazed at how my kitchen is starting to look like an actual kitchen and not just a room for appliances and a few cabinets. Now I need to seriously consider color. I thought I had what I wanted in my mind, but now I am hesitant. Will go back to the paint swatches, I guess.

Sundays - A day of thoughtfullness, family, worship. Sundays have changed over the years and generations. For us it's a day of catch up around the house, I usually cook a big meal so there are leftovers to start the work week off, and if the weather is fine we take a drive and our cameras. Larry will spend time on whatever project needs to be worked on around the house. Years ago I would have gone to Sunday school - I loved going to sunday school as a child, first in the little Baptist church in Sandy Point (which is no longer standing) then in Town in the Baptist church. As I got too old for Sunday school I would just go to church and we had a large young peoples group which would sing in various churches on special sundays, hang out and do things together. Sunday may also include a visit to one or the other set of grandparents., A few years ago we were working on a book about the Churches of Shelburne County. We visited the St. Peters by the Sea Anglican Church in Sandy Point, Ellen showed us through the church and gave us some background, she told me where by Great Grandmother H. sat every single Sunday. She lived quite a ways down the road, and I believed she walked most weeks. She died long before I was born, but that small memory Ellen shared with me, made her that much more real to me.

This Sunday is the big Super Bowl Game, I am not a big fan of football [or sports in general for that matter], but this year I know someone who will actually be there which is kind of exciting. It will be a great experience for Courtney, especially since her team [New England Patriots] are playing. She arrived safe and sound yesterday and by the sounds of it very hyped!

Beneath the tall tress of the forest are lots of little things growing, remember to look down.

You can see all the way today, behind the islands are another stretch of ice and then then other side of the lake. There are great patterns where the lake as frozen and snow flurries over the last few days have brushed and blown over the surface.

A sign that spring will come.

I like this little fellow, he's always so willing to have his photo taken!

So the kitchen is back to normal, sort of, table and chairs have been moved to the next room, dust is cleaned up and I just when I think we are making headway............ talk of replacing the old cabinet drawers and doors to match the new ones! Best go crunch some numbers and see what the budget says!
Have a good afternoon.

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  1. Sunday!! So much for a day of rest lol. So my blog arrives right on cue, you will be pleased to know everything is done, last load of clothes in the dryer and when Billy and I tried to count the geese out front of the house we gave up at over 300. We have never in the 25 + years we have lived here seen so many geese. Billy says they have seasons mixed up, well this morning I would have to disagree it looked cold and when I let the dog out the cold kissed me on the cheeks and nearly took my breath ughhhh I am so excited for Courtney what an experience and knowing her makes it that much more special. It as if we have travelled with her (in her pocket) and get to experience the excitement as well(oh well vicariousily) and do not correct my spelling!!!Lois & Danny must be so excited as well!! Having so much family on maternal grandmothers side who resided just outside of Boston and throughout the New ENgland states I have always been a "Pat" fan and can remember as a youngster having boes of clothes arrive from my American cousins and low nd behold there was always "Red Sox & Bruins" tshirts which I proudly wore!!! lol Intresting that we both attended Sunday school regularly and young peoples. It amazes me that many young people today have not so much as opened the door to a church(only for weddings & funerals) I wonder if this is reflection of the generation.....throughout the ages regligion has alwasy been such an important part of our lives and let's face it many wars and conflicts because of "faith". Oh well enough of my rants....the photos were beautiful and just a little hint of spring and new growth. You have a wonderful day I will be watching the superbowl and will keep an eye open for the breathtakingly beautiful blonde from Nova Scotia :)