Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 45 - 14th February 2012 - Valentine's Day

Another cold morning with the temperatured at -12.9. I believe winter has arrived, two very cold days in a row. This morning I'm off to Halifax. Larry will drop me off at Tim Horton's to meet Bernie's Shuttle. It's a good method of transportation, makes one stop in Liverpool for a break then straight through to the city, where they drop me off whereever I want to go and tomorrow will pick me up and bring me back. This works so well for me, Larry thinks the city is the height of evilness and hates to drive there, I get a few hours of peace and quiet if I choose to read. Sometimes I chatter away with the driver as I know them all now.

Here comes another, remember when........ when we were children sometimes a trip to the city was part of the summer vacation plan.  Mom would take my brothers and me, Aunt Ruth, Uncle Albert, Nan and my cousin would go in their car. The two cars would set off early in the morning. Usually on the vacation days we would pack a lunch of some sort for one meal. Off we would head to the city, it took forever in those days as it was the old route most of the way ["scenic drive"]. Once we got there a visit to the Nova Scotia Museum, Sears Bargain Centre for shopping and the Dingle Tower. Somewhere I still have photos of us on those lions. And then it would be the long drive back home. That was the country children off to visit the big city. Eyes as big as saucers at the wonder of it all. It certainly seemed big when you were 11-12 years old.

The trip up was great, Ted was the driver today and we chatted about genealogy and all kinds of things, seemed like no time I was here. My room at the Waverley Inn was ready - with candy for Valentine's Day! How sweet is that. In all the places I've stayed this is my favourite spot in the world [not that I have travelled the world, but you know what I mean]. The rooms are magnificent, the staff is wonderful - you just would not get any better. Christina on the desk has gotten engaged since I was here last - I love her ring! Everyone stops and chats for a minute.

Spent the afternoon at the archives doing research, no luck with my brickwall, but did find a few other things I was looking for. Enjoying a cup of tea, then I think I'll head down to the Henry House soon for an early supper before all the love birds are out for Valentines!

This is my lovely bed at the Waverley Inn. Have you ever seen such a beautiful headboard!

Valentine Candy for Moi!

The little foot stool by my bed to make it easier to crawl in at night.
That's my day in a nut shell, hope you all have had a lovely Valentine's Day, but remember to tell that special someone you love them every day not just one day a year!
Enjoy your evening!

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