Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 57 - 26th February 2012 - From Ocean to River

Not quite as mild as yesterday, the temperature hovers above zero +0.2. Road could be slippery early this morning, it was wet snow last night when I went to bed and of course it's too dark out yet to see what today looks like. I think the wind has died out some, checked the weather for the week all I see mostly is flurries/snow - yuk! Neighbourhood girls you might get out cross country sking again yet!

Today is a special day, it's my Mom's birthday. No good to tell you how old she is since no one will believe me anyway. I am sooo fortunate to have a young, wonderful, caring Mom. Happy Birthday!

We went to to breakfast this morning at the Hall, and boy were they busy - Great Job you guys! Karl was waiting on tables and moving cars, where else can you get that done but in the country. Then we went to town to visit with Mom and take her a birthday gift. As always I took my camera, just in case and took  a drive over to Islands Park. This is a great place, lots of people using it for walking in the off season, and you can see Dock St. and part of the town across the Harbour. It's a provincial park - camping hookups and picnic areas, well kept and appears to be quite busy in the summer.
The view near the lodge where we parked the truck to walk. The gates are up this time of the year, but there is amble parking, and you can walk around.

And a little wildlife hiding in some bushes.

Looking to the right from the causeway.

From the left side of the causeway you can look and see the visitors centre on Dock St.
Looking again down the right side of the island. It was really windy!

These are so grey, I should have taken them in black and white instead of color!

I like the little tree growing out of the rock and the big sista tree beside it. You can see just a bit of the town in the background.

A little weed and foam floating along the shore line in the dark murky water.

Looking back up toward the lodge from the causeway. Larry forgot his camera and decided it was too cold to brave the wind, so he's sitting in the truck.

I like interesting things - fungi, etc. on the sides of trees!

So I got to the truck and decided I need to take a few more ..... from behind the lodge you can see back over to Falls Lane - the vehicle bridge -[in green]which is still in use (one lane only) and the old railway bridge (no longer in use in front.

Back in the truck we decided to drive up the welshtown road and go the crossroad to Ohio. I didn't take any photos until we got to the bridge on the crossroads, which by the way is another one lane bridge.

This tree had uprooted on the bank of the river.
Looking down the Roseway River.
The wind died out some but not altogether and it's still cold today. Now it's time to head home and get some work done.
Enjoy your day everyone!

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