Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 37 - 6th February 2012 - Ancestors and Cupboards

Another cool morning, thermometer is reading -7.1. Perhaps we are now going to have winter. At least the cold temperatures of winter. Last evening I was chilled to the bones and not feeling so great, so I finally gave up and went to bed at 8pm, yes even early for me. I slept straight through until 5am, guess for whatever reason my body needed 9 hours of sleep. I don't quite feel 100% this morning but do feel better than I did.

Well with Monday comes the work week again, kids back to school, etc. I agree, the weekends go by way to fast! Lots to do this week.

My mind is totally twisted with Loyalists and the American Revolution. I have been chasing around the internet to find this elusive ancestors since 5:30am. Once again I have made no clear progress, but have read some interesting articles - mostly about the American Revolution [not sure how interesting some of them were]. This one I just found on Tarleton's Legion - who settled in Port Mouton, Queen's County - This was written by Thomas Raddall many years ago, but I enjoyed it since one of Larry's ancestors Jasper Leslie was among the early settlers there. Maybe I should jump ship with my report and do his ancestor instead of mine!

We are ready for tile and paint on the cupboard, but my horoscope advises me to keep my money in the piggybank so ......... For now here is the finished project minus paint and tile at the moment.

Just for the fun of it, I took this out the kitchen window last night, if it stays clear I'll get out this evening and see if I can take some better ones.

It certainly warmed up, +4.0. My brain is mush and I have nothing else to say today, enjoy the afternoon, perhaps I clear the cobwebs with a walk!

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  1. Cobwebs must be going around :) my head(mind) is full of them today lol The cupboards are gorgeous, he did a fine job. :)