Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 35 - 4th February 2012 - Middle Age

The temperature is cold, guessing around -7 or -8. Looks like my digital indoor outdoor thermometer has gone wonky again. Looking a head at the weather forecast, seems like there isn't going to be much of anything happening, but as we all know that can change quickly. The little groundhog told us the other day that spring was on it's way! Sleep came and stayed last night, so I feel so much better.

Today, I have to dedicate some time to chasing dirt and dust. I really don't think you are suppose to write messages in dust on tables, but we are sort of getting to that point again! I blame it on the kitchen reno's, but that will only work so long.

I've been reading a book, which is stirring some interesting questions. It's by no means a special book, just a mystery novel, but there are some very good  thoughts on middle age. Usually in most of the books I read, there is nothing terribly profound, but this one makes me think and ponder. I like a good mystery - a good guy or gal, and bad guy or gal, a crime or two, and good conquers evil!

Last year I literally moved into 50 kicking and screaming, well it was only a few days before my birthday that I finally accepted the idea, which was going to happen whether I liked it or not. There is something about birthdays that end in a zero - that scare us -  they mark a new era, a time to give up some things, but a time to start new things. I think once the 50's kick in, we should renew our life, live it to the fullest, do what we've talked about for years. I don't mean go out and do something crazy everyday, it's the little things that count which we choose to  do or not do everyday for ourselves! A walk in the woods, a call to a friend or family member that needs support or just an ear, someone you haven't seen in a long time, maybe curl up with a good book for the afternoon or buy a new pair of shoes [oops that's just my favourite thing in the world]. These are the things that make us feel good...........but every once in a while do something that will make people stand up and say - Wow good for her - she's still got it. I just found this quote on Pinterest, and it sums things up pretty well: "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain".

Frozen in time.

I love a hint of color this time of year!

Enjoy your afternoon!


  1. Thank you that was so worth waiting for. I had to prepare a lunch for Billy then a take out order for Jordan, so needless to say that required trip to town. So shower, out of the cleaing mode and off I went. Stopped by to visit little sista and wish Bonnie well on her new business location. I give her kudos for bravery as any business venture these days require(ball or intestinal fortitude)OMG can other people read my comments lol So I am home again and right on cue "my personal blog appears" so I stopped made my tea read and enjoyed the photos. I so agree with the age thing, and have to say that I think sometimes the approaching birthdays make us stop and reflect on what we have done what we had hoped to do, and what of our dreams? Hmmmm this year will be 49 and I have yet to have a children's story published but I continue to write, and keep a journal filled with ideas and anecdotes. Some day Reba's song "Is there life out there" plays in the background and I question my very existence but then I remember special people, family and friends who make me who I am and I am thankful even for the trivial things(no not shoes lol) I prefer barefoot :) I guess what I was trying to say even the dust, cobwebs, hopes, and dreams make up the fabric of our lives. I am the one who loves to dance in the rain and especially to jump in the puddles. Thank you for today's blog and the little laugh when I read the mention of you and "YOUR FIXATION WITH SHOES" Have a great day....

  2. I'm beginning to think I enjoy your blog within my blog almost as much as writing mine! Glad you enjoy! It started out as place for my photos but I decided I should create words as well! I encourage anyone to share their thoughts!