Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 48 - 17th February 2012 - Bleakness, Muck and a bit of Color!

Another mild morning, temperatures just above 0. We've all made it to another Friday, a week has gone again. I think we are suppose to get mostly rain for today/tonight, maybe a chance of flurries tomorrow. Doesn't sound like anything disturbing on this end of the province. Off to town this morning - groceries and paint! No problem guessing what we'll [Larry] be doing this weekend. Progress is being made.

Daylight comes earlier now, but all week there has not been one morning I am enticed outside in my pj's to capture the sunrise, they are non existent.  Just grey mornings, but they turn into very nice days. The days are definitely getting longer - I think the time springs ahead around the end of March.

 Since the last few days have been so mild, the dirt roads are soft and mucky again.

Our main road was paved less than 30 years ago, we've been here 25 years and I think it was done a few years before that. I used to come with my grandparents many years ago to visit friends of theirs who lived at the end, spring was not usually a good time to visit. I suppose many years ago the residents travelled in the horse and carriages/wagons to town, but probably not often. There are still numerous homes along the road which have been here for many years and remain in the same family which built them. Most of the people were farmers, which in Shelburne County would have been a difficult occupation at best - rocks grow over night here. So many of the houses were big farm houses with barns for livestock on the property, apple orchards scattered throughout. There were two schools, one in Middle Ohio, one in Upper Ohio. They were the one room variety where all grades were taught. Both are gone now, but only in recent years and I managed to get photos of them. A Union church was located here as well. Union meant that it was basically shared, for many years a trustee was installed from one each of Anglican, Presbyterian/Methodist [which became United in the 1920's] and I believe Baptist denominations. The church and cemetery is tended by and used by the local community now.

It has been softly raining most of the day. The lake is no longer pretty, but bleak and grey with water puddles over it. Their are dark patches which means it's beginning to rot away.

And I think with all the blah out there today we need some color! My amaryllis that Lois gave me before Christmas and I didn't get it potted up until January is starting to open up. I love the red!

Larry has started painting the walls, hopefully our ceiling paint will arrive after supper [Nancy is bringing it if the truck came in this afternoon]. Yes that's working backwards, but he's pretty neat, so I think we will be ok.
Enjoy the rest of the afternoon and the evening.

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