Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 39, 8th February 2012 - Trivia and a Moonless night, again!

A bit colder this morning at -7.2. It's Wednesday, again, and I'm off to town. By the time I left home it was -8.3, but it didn't seem cold - no wind! It was actually a beautiful day, especially if you were in the sun, could almost forget that it was February.

A pretty good day in town, got quite a bit of stuff done, a few people were in with photos for our Water St. book which thrilled me, love old photos! I also got my books on writing and citations, special thanks to Dorothy, Lynn and Matthew for ordering and delivering them. Now I can get back at my report without pulling my hair out, I hope! Worked for my lunch at the Bean Dock dinner time. Sharon was out so I got to be her today, although I think Monique missed her, I am not as tall, so she has to keep reaching for me! It was a nice change of pace for me.

Some history trivia from a website called Northern Blue - Today in Canadian History:
  • February 7, 1758 - Governor Charles Lawrence proclaims a resolution passed by the Nova Scotia Council to organize the First Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia; it will be the First popularly elected parliament in Canada. Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • February 7, 1876 - Hockey - First recorded use of the word "puck", in a Montreal Gazette article. Montreal, Quebec

  • February 7, 1915 - World War I - War Office asks Canada and the other dominions to help enlist personnel for service with the Royal Flying Corps (RFC). London, England

  • February 7, 1926 - Start of gold rush at Red Bank. Red Bank, Ontario

  • I understand if you are a trivia fan that the Lower Ohio's trivia nights are great fun. Held every second Tuesday evening, next one will be 21st February.  So maybe gather up a team of friends or family and give it a try.

    This is one of the photos I took last night while sitting on a
    very cold rock waiting for the moon to rise - which of course didn't happen when I expected because of heavy cloud cover. Danny tells me that it's called a "Snow Moon".

    This gull was just walking around on a piece of ice near the shore of the harbour.

    Here he has taken off and is skimming across the water.

    Well I tried another night, but apparently was too early, so have given up until next month. One thing about the moon, you get to try, try, try again. Sorry for being late but.............
    Enjoy your evening!

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    1. Okay so it is working this morning. The photos were gorgeous as "usual" Nice eye Mrs. Walker!!!