Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 43 - 12 February 2012 - Neighbours and Communities

The temperature is a little cooler this morning at -3.1. I flipped on the outside light to see what was happening in the weather department (it's still dark) and it looks pretty icy out there. An hour later and I see some snow flurries and looks like it's blowing quite a bit.  Hopefully once daylight comes this will end and the sun will pop out and melt that stuff away! Off to the hall at 9am to make desserts, get ready for this afternoon. Fingers crossed!

Our community is not very big, but we are fortunate to have people that will pitch in and participate/volunteer when help is needed. Most days it's nice that you know most everyone up and down the road. Since it's a bit of a drive from town, you can always pop around and borrow that "cup of sugar" if need be, which I've done or had a phone call early in the morning from a neighbour who is doing some baking and has run out of something too. You don't get that in the urban/city areas, most people don't know their neighbours. On the other hand you have to remember that everyone knows what's going on in your life and there are rarely any secrets, but like one big family, they are there for your good times and bad times. More than often a call around will get you a handfull of men to help with an afternoon project, may cost a case a beer, but that's cheap labour!

When we were children and lived in Sandy Point our neighbours on either side were older people. The Oxner's in particular I remember well. Mrs. Oxner always had big old fashion molasses cookies for us when we stopped to visit, sometimes on the way home from school. And she kept a beautiful big flower garden.  Sometimes we would be allowed to walk to the little store down the road and get something, everyone knew you there too. Although I've forgotten what the name of the store was. And then there were the party telephone lines,  one day Mom discovered one of my brothers talking on the phone, he said he was "talking to Aunt Kitty", except she was actually in conversation with someone else and he had just picked up the phone and happen to get in on the conversation.

The forest floor has it's own community, with things existing among one another. The numerous fungi growing on a dead log, leaves and spills falling from above, and new growth will come up from below in the spring.

The Blue Jay has his lunch thanks to the kind souls who provide bird feed.

Yesterday my wonderful husband finished the compartment in the cabinet for my cookie sheets, muffin tins etc. It's great - divided and slides out. Of course everyone needs to get in on the pic!

I think there is enough space to put a shelf  over top. More storage space!! Yah!

I'm thinking that the day will turn out great, it has started well - woke up to power and internet, which truly surprised me, so.............. it can only get better!
Enjoy your day, hope to see you this afternoon!


  1. so true Kim, about community. Where there is none, life is pretty arid. But we all need to be builders, not observers!

  2. Thank you!! There is just something to be said about community and you can not put a true value on it!! In good times and bad it never ceases to amaze how we come together. I guess I had my days mixed up regarding the supper lol. If it makes you feel any better it is in the low 30's here with a wind chill of the low 20's ughhh Billy wanted to know if I packed his insulated jeans. I love the cupboards and I see Lexi is standing to the side like Vanna White. Too cute!! You have a wonderful day and it was nice to read my blog over coffee this am. :)

  3. Just a follow up, I am going to make a note that you referred to Larry as "Your wonderful husband", just incase it is required for a day when he is not in your good graces!!