Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 56 - 25th February 2012 - Wind, Hail and Bulbs Sprouting

It sounds like a wild morning - the wind is blowing hard and I can hear rain on the window, but the temperature is an unbelievable +7.6. We won't have to worry about building a fire in the furnace early today. Looks like it will be a good day to tackle the kitchen ceiling [or for Larry to!]. Once that gets done we can actually start to put things back where they belong, that in itself will be a very good thing, although it means I have no excuse to not get more than light house cleaning done. I am more excited about getting the cupboards painted and the tile on the new counter, hopefully in the next week we will get to that point. Something to be said for bad weather! Now that daylight has arrived, doesn't seem to be raining but the wind is blowing really hard, trees are bending back and forth.

Probably not all that smart to stand under a lot of tall trees in the middle of a wind storm. Lving life on the edge more or less.
Still blowing hard this afternoon, a bit of snow and hail thrown in for good measure, but there was someof blue sky showing so thought I would roam around a bit.
The ice is leaving the lake more and more, from the inside and the outside.
Then I got hit with hail!
A snow/hail squall coming across the lake, you can hardly see the other side.
I'm tired of wind, hail and snow, went back to the yard to see what was sprouting from the ground, some encouragement for spring. My tulips which were coming up in early January, but must have hauled in their horns since I didn't see them anymore, are once again appearing!
The daffodils are coming up, they'll be ready for easter.
And Larry's garlic is making it's debut. So there is life out there in this wild wild day!
And I was right this morning, it was a good day for Larry to do the ceiling, which he has finished. I'm getting some of the kitchen put back to normal now. Soon we can start the cupboards.
Enjoy the rest of your day!

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