Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 59 - 28th February 2012 - Lexi, Lamby and Cupboards

Milder this morning, temperature is 0.5. Since it's still dark, not sure what the weather is doing - rain or snow? Larry will probably continue painting this morning, I'm happy with the cupboard color and am anxious to see more of it. I on the other hand have to spend some time do book keeping for the Fire Department, tomorrow is month end and year end. The leap year gives us an extra day to...........work or get things done up. I also have some scanning that needs to be done, notes to type up and send to Karen for Water St. I don't see much room in the day to work on my report.

Well there was snow on the ground when daylight came, not a lot but just enough to cover things. It's cold, grey, dismal and miserable looking out now. I've kept myself inside today. Nose to the grindstone, so to speak. Bookkeeping and some scanning this morning, finished a report for someone this afternoon, now I have to type notes up for Karen. Of course it's mid afternoon, so the day is almost shot anyway. Larry has been between painting and a jigsaw puzzle [as he tells me the paint has to dry!] oh well, don't want to strain the poor fellow.

Thought I'd check and see what had happened in Canada in years gone by on the 28th February -
Ottawa Ontario - Pierre Elliott Trudeau - goes for a walk in an Ottawa blizzard and decides to resign; announces decision the following day; Canada's 15th Prime Minister.
Very close to home:
  • February 28, 1788 - American Revolutionary War - Nova Scotia Governor John Parr approves a land grant for 184 Black Loyalist supporters of the British Crown at Birchtown, Shelburne County; over 3,000 black Loyalists had been evacuated from the rebellious colonies to the south. Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • February 28, 1987 - Music - Hank Snow, Wilf Carter and Tommy Hunter the First artists inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame; posthumous artists also inducted are Joe Brown (leader of the Family Brown), Don Messer, Orval Prophet and music publisher William Harold Moon. Edmonton, Alberta

  • [Hank Snow of course was from nearby Queen's County, Nova Scotia and spent time in his early years in Shelburne]

    Nothing terribly exciting to report, so I'll post a few photos and move on with my day, hope some of you are having a more interesting day than I am!
    Lexi was laying back taking it easy today.

    This side has 2 coats of paint - all done! I got Larry to build a little shelf for ends and odds on this end.

    Waiting for the door on the far right to dry then he can put that back on.

    Lexi was quite put out because I was taking pictures and she wasn't in all of them. She likes to pose so I told her and Lamby to get up on the window sill.

    Lamby was a Christmas gift from her Aunt Lois, and she loves it. Although I think it's time for lamby to get in the washing machine!

    Well that's it for today, back to work I go.
    Enjoy the afternoon and evening!

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