Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 53 - 22nd February 2012 - A Hotel and Park

Much milder this morning, temperature is 0.5 and crawling upward. It's raining now and rain is forecast for the next four days. It's Wednesday once again, and I'm heading to town. Lots of things to do. Am hoping that we can get the ceiling paint today and need to pick up a small can of the trim paint. Next day in hopefully we will be ready for the cabinet paint. Would really like to get some of the kitchen back to normal, so we aren't rooting under cloths on top of counters looking for things or in boxes or other rooms. I think the floor will get painted in section, maybe late evening so it can dry overnight would be the best idea. Will leave that to Larry's wisdom.

This is a nice little park these days with a parking lot behind the fence, but at one time this was the location of the Atlantic House. The building itself was torn down around 1979, by that time the it was tired and run down. However, for many years the Atlantic House was a fabulous Hotel. From old newspapers, photos and a guest book, we gleam a different view of the hotel. A building of great stature where politicians, doctors, lawyers and other travellers spent a night or two and dined in the dining room. For over 100 years it remained a hotel on Water Street in Shelburne.

By lunch time the rain had stopped and it came out fine. You can see the  lighthouse looking down the harbour.

Not exactly a stress free day, but I sucked it up and am moving on, tomorrow will be better I'm sure. On a good note, I did find a tidbit of genealogy we didn't know before, so I can now continue with something I had no intention of, thanks to Larry's cousin Valda! And I had someone bring in some fabulous photographs including some of my great grandfather M, which I had not seen before in his blacksmith shop. I've been able to scan them so am delighted with that. It actually turned out to be a beautiful afternoon weather wise and when I got home the temperature was still +7.2. Picked up the paint for ceiling, trim and cupboards!
Enjoy your evening!

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  1. You were busy busy busy today, but still found the time to take some great photos!! It is raining here now but only suppose to last for about an hour. It is 80 degrees and the rain hitting the roof reminds me of being back to camp. lol Have a good evening. thanks for my blog :)