Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 44 - 13 February 2012 - Cupcakes and Snow

I think this is the coldest morning we've had all winter, the temperature was -12.7 when I crawled out of bed [slept in this morning too, must have been tired from yesterday - we had a good turn out with great people]. I think it will be a busy day. Need to go to town and get the tiles for the counter top [decision has been made!] and pick out the paint for walls, ceilings, cupboards and floor - won't get all of those today but will get a gallon of primer and the ceiling/wall paint. I have that narrowed down to 2/3, but I also have to return all these swatches and samples that they were so good to loan me on Friday. There is something to be said for shopping locally where you know everyone! I still wish we had two grocery stores, a little competition and choice would be great in that department. Need to pack to go to Halifax tomorrow. Have meetings in the city and get to spend the night at my favourite place - Waverley Inn. So I'd like to do a little baking and take some valentine treats into the staff there and at the Nova Scotia Archives and some for Larry since I won't be home tomorrow. Have research on Tues afternoon to do and my meetings are there all day Wednesday. Hey, the week sounds like it's almost used up!

So I am sure I will be shot, since I'm so late getting finished up here today. But it's been busy day or the day just got away from me not sure which! Yes I did some baking - 9 1/2 dozen mini red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing and cinnamon hearts. My Mom always made us a valentine cake or cookies. I'm remembering a heart shaped layer cake - chocolate with boiled icing [or that maybe wishful thinking about the boiled icing].  Cookies would have been heart shaped as well either a shortbread or sugar cookie variety and always with frosting. Ummmm, I think the frosting is always the best part of a cookie! I went to town and did what I needed to do there, packed, went for a walk, and thank goodness it was a night of leftovers for supper.

It snowed most of the day here and everything is covered in white once again and the temperature has been much colder today then what we've been used to, but I hear tomorrow will be milder once again.

Looking up the river, trees are dipped in snow.

I caught the little chickadee hiding in the feed grabbing a bite to eat. Being cold today, it was nice he could find a feeder.

The Junco finds his seeds under the feeder on the ground. Next to him is the leftover Christmas tree which offers shelter and a wind break for the birds.

My footsteps along the road, with my toasty warm green rubber boots with felt liners (and mom's hand knit wool socks) I shuffle along, my heels and toe prints connect. Not exactly what you call a brisk walk.

So we have gone through another Monday, time to put my feet up, watch Coronation Street and chill for a bit. Enjoy your evening.

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