Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 34 - 3rd February 2012 - On the Boardwalk

It's cold again this morning and I am up way too early, -6.5 at 4:30am [I've been up since 3 and it's dropped a couple of degrees]. Guess I pick the right mornings to be up, good chance to add a few more sticks of wood to the furnace! Another Friday, a day that the workforce is happy with since tomorrow brings on the weekend. I've got to concentrate for a few hours on my report and stop chasing Joseph around New Jersey in the 1700's. I am now wondering if for the last 10 years I've been looking in the wrong place, but all sources point there, maybe I need to widen my net. Something to think about, I would so like to find this elusive man who came with the Loyalists in 1783. I have 2 brick walls and he is one. It's probably still pretty good if you can track someone back 230 years, but I would really like to know who he was!

Decided to take a road trip this morning to Barrington for groceries and check out the new No-Frills store. Nice store but remember to take your loonie with you for the cart - yes it costs a loonie but you get it back when you return the cart. No where does it tell you this so I'm inside, Larry is outside with no loonie........ It's a nice day but still kind of chilly, the temp. did drop more this morning but has risen to -2.3. We took our cameras, of course, and drove out to the causeway and took some pics from the boardwalk. I am ashamed to say it's my first time on it, even as cold as it was it's a great view. Will remember to go again sometime in July.

Looking towards the causeway. 
Took this by the Barrington Woolen Mill.

This is a panorama shot I took from the Boardwalk.

Since I am a newbie blogger, I'm going to admit to stupidity, I just discovered last night if you click on the photos in the blog they'll pop up in a slide show....dah! Now on to some lunch, then a nap since I am fading fast! Enjoy the rest of the day, even though the wind is cold, the sun is shining, spring is soon on the way!

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  1. Beautiful photos as usual. The water looks lie it is moving. Perhaps Joseph knows you aretrying to find him lol Take a break from it and go back with fresh eyes.
    Better yet go have a nap!!