Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 51 - 20th February 2012 - Ice and Stuff

The temperature has dipped back down to -6.7, a change from the last 4-5 days. Looking ahead seems like it will be mild and rainy for most of the week, which means muddy dirt roads for some.

We are back to Monday, the work week and I have some serious stuff to get done. I feel like I've sluffed away the last few days. Sometimes you just need a day or two like that. Progress is being made in the kitchen, hopefully the ceiling paint will come in today. Larry has almost finished 2 coats on the walls, sure that will be done today. I had forgotten what a mess renos make. It's been a couple of years since we ripped a room apart and it quickly goes to the back of your mind the disaster it creates as it oozes from one room to the next. Maybe I just use that as an excuse to avoid housework!

The day has warmed up, although the wind is cool. The sun gains strength everyday. Hard to believe on this day 8 years ago White Juan swept through, dumping 95.5cm of snow in Halifax. The rest of the province received a lot of snow but not that much [if memory serves me right!]. I bet we were all wishing for spring that day!

The last of my student funding grants is done, I procrastinated long enough and did it this morning. It was so easy to do the others in January, but this one didn't come out until 1st February and it just dangled! Working on my report this morning, finally figured out how to get those little brackets around the footnote reference marks - google is a wonderful thing! That in it's self was an accomplishment. And I've pretty well finished reading Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian - it's such a fascinating read, sure they will turn it into a major motion picture in Hollywood - not! At least I feel more like I have a handle on this report than I did the last few weeks. Now to get things finished up. Maybe by next week if nothing else disturbs my life.  Fingers crossed!

Am soon heading out for a walk, will see if there is anything exciting happening in the neighbourhood.

The ice around the ditches is disappearing, can see more cranberries poking their head through again.

The ice along the edge of the lake looks like stained glass. Not too many days left and it will be gone.

Macro shots of the ice.

Just a funky shot of the ice along the shore, with the shadow of the trees.

My Amaryllis has one bloom left to open, it's really beautiful. Thanks again, Lois.
 So there probably won't be many more shots of the ice in the lake, it's suppose the rain most of the week and it will soon disappear. There will be lots of other things to find.
Enjoy your evening.


  1. Soon time to post more pictures of the renos!!! Beautiful pictures of the lake, and no I do not miss the ice!! It is nice here today with a light breeze. Darlene says hello and Billy the race car driver is still on cloud nine. Not sure if the resort is big enough for all of us along with his inflated ego :) Oh well he did deserve a little treat like that and had talked about it for years. Well back to the fridge for a cold refreshment look forward to reading my "blog" again tomorrow.

  2. Hello to all! Glad you are all having fun. Tell Billy - "A Star is Born"!! The ice will be gone by the time you all come home. More renos soon.