Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 42 - 11th February 2012 - Turkey Toll

A mild morning with temperatures at +2.1, rather gray looking out. At our end of the province we are suppose to get lots of rain, maybe turning to some ice overnight and a bit of snow. They can leave the last two things out of the report for this weekend. This afternoon we are off to the hall to do prep work and set up. Tomorrow will be a long day and hopefully and successful one.

It's been raining for most of the morning now. Can you remember rain days of your childhood? In the warmer months, one could still go outside, dressed in rain jackets with hoods and rubber boots - I suspect they were the favourite of the day [and probably the only ones available] black with red soles, I still wear a pair. Jackets were green or yellow. Children today have much more fashionable looking rainwear. This time of year, I guess we would have played inside - no computers, very little tv, so board games or made up games would have been our choice. When my cousin Anne and I stayed with Nan at the camp, Chinese checkers were always a favourite or pick up sticks. Nan could never be beat in Chinese checkers and I have her board and marbles which I treasure. My brothers had lots of cars, trucks and GI Joe to entertain during hours of rain, I had the normal girl things - dolls. Although I think reading was my favourite past time.

On the way to the hall, the sentries were in the road. We had to wait and pay the toll to get by. Sorry for the photo quality but they are a bit daunting and it was raining!

They are moving out of the road, but taking their good looking time. We say nothing, just in case they demand more money to go through. Never know......
We can now drive through.  Just another day in the country!

Apparently it is only a one way toll as we did not see them on the way back. Hall is set up and prep work done. Now I am going to sit back and read Genealogical Writing in the 21st Century.  Not exactly easy reading, but necessary. 
Have a good afternoon!


  1. Those sentries are intimidating and annoying especially if you are in a hurry...
    BTW....keep up the great job you are doing, its interesting to read and gives a good profile of our wonderful countryside.

  2. I love it rural tolls, what a way to raise money for the provincial roads lol I can see Billy stopping one of the big trucks now to pay the tolls. Then, "get in my truck turkey" lol Nice photos and I hope the evening was a success!!