Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 46 - 15th February 2012 - A Walk along the Water front

The temperature is a lot different than the last few days. In the city it's hovering right around 0. It's suppose to be as high as +5 this afternoon. Had a great sleep last night, and ready to start the day. Will soon head to breakfast and discover what delights Todd has cooked up. Since I'll still have an hour or so after that will head out for  a walk with my camera. Hopefully I'll catch some sunrise shots, or just some interesting buildings. I'm in meetings all day so my plans are to post early this morning.

Breakfast was great, then I grabbed my camera and headed to the waterfront:

This is certainly a new sign for me, nothing like this at home.

On my way to the Halifax Seaport.

The new Farmer's Market.

The statue of Samuel Cunard sillouted against the sky.

Lighthouse on McNabb's Island.

Too early in the morning but a great idea for another time.
So I have to run, meeting in progress, Enjoy your day! 

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