Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 33 - 2 February 2012 - Too Cute too Scold

Temperatures are pretty good hovering just above 0, although that may mean slippery roads for those travelling to work this morning.  Things are back to normal, Larry & Lexi in bed, me having this time to myself. Breakfast is done, Larry's working on the cupboard, 3rd load of laundry on the go and I've managed a tad bit of office work.

My new cupboard now has all the doors, but I have to make decisions on the inside and the top. I know one section will hold my cookie sheets, pizza pans and muffin tins and I want something on a track and divided so I can pull them out and they stand on their edge rather than laying on top of one another. I'm not quite sure what I want to use the other two sections for, but I want options. It will be new and extra space but I'm sure in a year or two I will wonder where I put the stuff before! Larry has marked some ideas in his books for me and I think I better do some googling and see what I can find. He wants to get things moving and I'm holding him up, actually the budget is really holding him up, next will be to buy paint and I almost have that nailed down - color that is.

Got some work done on my report before I became distracted and started chasing ancestors through New Jersey before 1783. Oh well there is always another day. Out for a walk, had tea with Lois. I always enjoy tea with a friend who can help you solve all the world problems in less than an hour!

Along the way............

Tree fungi with a light dusting of snow, the moss remains green but leaves are brown and crispy.

This little fellow was caught on camera in the act of robbing the bird feeder, but he's so cute, it's hard to scold him!

Really who could be mad at a face like that. Back to work, have frittered away enough of the day. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

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  1. Nice looking cupboard!!! Kudos to Larry! Nice photos as well of the rat with a tail lol. They are cute but when they get in your house not so cute :)
    You have a had a productive day. I should have stayed home :)